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Our fees are based on complexity and capability. We assess an initial fee, then an ongoing annual fee of $2400 ($200/month) if you choose our AssetCare service.

We will assess fees in our introductory conversation.

Discovering what matters most to you and building a purposeful life, together.

What matters most to you? What do you want for your life?

Our conversations will go far beyond your financial assets, uncovering your dreams and what's holding you back from achieving them.

You'll send us your documents, fill out our Heart's Core Grid Questionnaire, and we'll start our onboarding process.

We believe everyone has a true path that gives them fulfillment, joy, and energy.

WayFinder is about discovering your purpose together, and aligning your finances to help you get there.

We can help with these areas:

Managing Debt

Maximizing Cash Flow

Choosing the Best Credit Card

Saving For College

Navigating Employer Benefits

Tax Strategies

Estate Planning

Insurance Selection

Retirement Planning

Buying vs. Renting

Student Loans

Managing + Understanding Investments

Financial Education

and much more

Schedule a free conversation to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

Our meetings will start by discovering what you value most in life, and finding out what's holding you back. We'll resolve any financial questions and align your assets to your newfound purpose.

After we make your initial Life Plan, we'll tackle additional Financial Planning questions, such as your retirement, insurance, and more. 

Continuing Clients: your WayFinder experience will begin here.

Want us to handle the financial moves?

Learn about AssetCare 

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