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AssetCare fees are based on annual planning and portfolio management (based on asset volume).

Our annual planning fee is $200/month, totalling $2400.

Portfolio management is 0.6% annually*, paid quarterly (0.15% per quarter).

*0.6% annually (for first 1M), 0.4% additional beyond

Let us worry about the financial moves while you build the life you want most.

We'll go through the WayFinder process to learn what matters most to you, build a plan to create the life you want and align your financial picture to that plan.

Let us handle all of the financial moves and elements outlined in your WayFinder plan.

With our expert care and management, you'll be free to focus on achieving your true purpose and building the life you want.

Schedule a free conversation to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

With your plan in place, we'll manage all of the financial elements to ensure you're on track to building a more purposeful life, including:​

Managing your investments

Expert care of your assets

Rebalancing your portfolio annually

Real-time response to market fluctuations

We'll meet four times each year to check in on your progress, answer questions, and make sure your plan is on track.

We believe in removing every obstacle to living the life you want.

With AssetCare, you'll get a Certified Financial Planner making all the moves for you, and carefully watching over your investments.

You can rest easy knowing your portfolio is in great hands.

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